The 1995 experiment


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The team 

Jacques Grangeon is engineer at the University of Savoie (electronic, micro processing, sensors and signal conditioning). He worked out all the details of the degassing equipment tested at Monoun in 1992 and Nyos in 1995.

Michel Halbwachs is professor of physics at the University of Savoie and engineer in Sciences of materials. He has worked for 25 years on instrumentation, data collecting and remote controlled system on volcanoes. He supervised the experiment surveys on the Cameroonian lakes in 1990, 1992 and 1995.

Gaston Kayser is a retired engineer from EURATOM (working in the French Atomic Energy Commission) and specialist in the critical problems of the nuclear reactor. As such, he has at highest level the mastery of mechanical, material strength and biphasic flow hydraulics.

Jean-Christophe Sabroux was the pioneer of the lakes degassing project in 1986 while he was expert at the Major Hazards Delegation of the Ministry of Environment. He is an engineer and works at the Atomic Energy Commission. He has a wide range of competences in fundamental geochemistry, thermodynamics, mechanics and physics.

Brice Wong is a retired engineer from the French Electricity Company. He is a specialist in dam building and related expertises. He is at the head of the NGO Hydraulics without Frontier (HSF) and designed various tentative solutions to the tricky problem resulting from the unconsolidated natural dam at Nyos.

Our main scientific counterpart in Cameroon is Dr. Gregory Tanyileke, a high level geochemist and a long time specialist in Lakes Nyos and Monoun. He will be assisted by Jacob Nwalal, Engineer in Hydrology, who acquired during our past surveys a profound competence in all the parts of the degassing equipment.