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Degassing the "Killer Lakes"

Launching the degassing at Nyos: January 2001

UPDATE 2006. Degassing of lakes Monoun and Nyos

    • The degassing of Lake Monoun. The situation in January 2003
      • Installation  Stage 1Stage 2
      • Gallery of 2003 and 2006 picture at Monoun
      • Results of degassing
      • Evolution future de la teneur en gaz
      • Bathymetry of Lake Monoun
    • The Degassing of Lake Nyos. Situation actuelle
      • Results of the degassing
      • WEBCAM on lake Nyos
    • Lake Nyos total degassing project
      • Colonnes radeaux implantation
      • The project to completely degas the lake (forecast)
      • Bathymetry of Lake Nyos
    • The CO2 limnic eruption theory 

The natural dam hazard

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