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Our project proposes set up a methane gas extraction plant which will provide a local response to energy needs. A number of industrial sized modules could be installed on the lake at various sites of potential consumption. This choice of delocalised sites seems a better solution than the setting up of a single production centre.
This approach is more in line with official wishes for development and the regrouping of local populations. Providing energy in certain specific places would aid this regrouping for the local development of artisanal or even industrial projects

We have scaled our pilot extraction plant to produce 2.5 million Nm3 per year, which is to say between 5 and 10 times less than the large scale projects envisaged in the past. These production units can of course be replicated in order to supply enough gas to the different large consumers of calorific energy. In order to best respond to the specific needs of the different conceivable projects, we are also proposing two other types of extraction plant, identical in working principle but whose flow and equipment have been redimensioned according to the quantity of energy to be extracted.

The different kinds of consumption conceivable for methane gas


Type of project

Treatment and transfer unit

Calorific energy for large-scale consumer

Industries like:
Mineral processing

Transfer by gas pipeline or by compressed-gas lorry

Calorific energy for small-scale consumer

Lower production

Industries like :
Tea-drying plant
Public use :

Domestic use

Electrical energy

Higher production option

Integration in the National Grid

Electrification of villages
Population regroupment

Power station and electricity grid