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Natural hazards

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Physico-chemical study of lake kivu

Origins of methane gas
Waters structure
Conductivity measurements
Dissolved gas concentration (CH4, CO2)
Density contour of the water
Hydrogen sulphide content
Contrat ECHO 2002

Methane Gas Extraction

The ex-solution and auto-siphon phenomenon
The Cape Ribona pilot station
Working principle of the pilot station
Comparison of different methods envisaged
Diagram of the entire extraction plant
Description of the column
Command and control system of the column
Deployment of the column
Objectives and productivity
European union contract. Results of the campaign of 2002

Putting the methane gas to work

Rwanda's energy supply problem
Evaluation of methane gas deposit
Supply to the Bralirwa brewery ******
Supply by gas pipeline to the Cimerwa cementworks
Problem of electricity *****
Supplying the Pfunda tea factory
Road transport of compressed gas
Methane as vehicle motor fuel
Chemical applications *****
Other applications being studied *****

Pages with***** are still under construction.

Natural hazards

Hazard of gas explosion
Valuation of hazard
The Lake Nyos Gas Explosion, cameroon 1986
Observations after the 2002 eruption of Nyiragongo
Volcanic risks and the nyiragongo volcano
The eruption of the 17th january 2002
Pictures of the eruption
Measurement field trip : ECHO contract, January 2002
Mission CONCORDE 2002